Creating no-nonsense user interfaces!
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Slør gives dual camera iPhones super powers by using the depth information available in Portrait Mode photos in iOS 11. It lets you tweak the background blur and adjust what's in focus. Additionally the focal plane can be tilted as well as distorted radially for an even more dramatic effect.

Design + coding + marketing


Maze is an addictive arcade game for Apple TV, iPhone and iPad with simple game play, bold graphics and a rich soundscape. Every second the gamer gets a glimpse of the correct path to go, leaving them to cycle through the stages of observing, memorising, and moving along the trail. Here’s a Press Kit.

Design + audio + coding + marketing


I'm working with FindZebra on making a digital health assistant.

Design + coding


I'm working with Ecco on conceptual design and prototypes for digital products.

Design + coding

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is an app that connects blind people with volunteer helpers from around the world via live video chat. I really enjoyed working on this app, making it accessible to the blind.

Interface + coding

I’m always curious about new collaborations and interesting projects.
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Tobias Due Munk