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See below for some stuff I’ve been working on lately


Maze is an addictive arcade game for Apple TV, iPhone and iPad with simple game play, bold graphics and a rich soundscape. Every second the gamer gets a glimpse of the correct path to go, leaving them to cycle through the stages of observing, memorising, and moving along the trail. Here’s a Press Kit.

Interface + graphics + audio + coding

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is an app that connects blind people with volunteer helpers from around the world via live video chat. I really enjoyed working on this app, making it accessible to the blind.

Interface + coding

Danske Love

This iPad+iPhone app contains numerous danish laws for easy offline access. Quite a success with thousands of downloads and daily use by lawyers, police officers and students here in Denmark. My brother and I made it for a lawyers company Adacta Advokaterne.

Interface + coding


These Unipro guys makes a Laptimer that goes on to a go-cart that measures all kinds of things like speed, rpm and temperatures. They wanted to enable the mechanics on go-karts teams to have a mobile solution for analyzing the data.

Interface + graphics + coding

Kiteboarding Exercises

An iPhone+iPad app created for offline access for great exercise programs for Kiteboarders created by Lars Jørgensen at

I’m always curious about new collaborations and interesting projects.
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